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"I scored the highest HESI score in my class after I used the PPT series."  V. W.

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   You study hard and without a doubt, you know the material, but the nursing tests you take do not indicate this. You are frustrated and upset with poor grades. You need to do better, so what's wrong? It's your testing skills—not your knowledge—and we can help!  Yes, we can help.

Our program does not concentrate on lecture theory, textbooks, mnemonics, or excessive practice questions to do.

We get to the heart of the problem.

Your testing skills. 

Nursing tests are very different and you know this.

Let us teach you techniques that will help you see improved grades and help increase your confidence!

An Easy To Use PowerPoint Series

Live Video Conferences With A Nurse Educator

The Nursing Nutshell Note

All methods teach you the basics of how to study more effectively and also takes you through the more advanced skills of knowing how to take a nursing test.

  Students having academic difficulties-Are you a nursing student struggling to maintain a passing grade... or maybe you would like to improve your grades... or maybe you are failing nursing school. Counter Balance Techniques can help you to succeed academically and gain the control and confidence needed to succeed in nursing school.

Beginning nursing students-Learn the Counter Balance Techniques before entering nursing school. The techniques presented are designed to help the beginning nursing student achieve success and teaches how to avoid the pitfalls, which can lead to failure in the first year of nursing school. Start ahead of the game and not behind!


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