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Are you a nurse educator who would like to see student success improve in your program?

Counter Balance Techniques offers methods to help you meet those goals!

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Why choose Counter Balance Techniques?

Students are inundated with textbooks to read, time consuming computer modules, and numerous practice questions to work through, which can be overwhelming and drawn-out for the student and instructor. Counter Balance Techniques is different. We have eliminated the nonessential busy work and concentrate on student success by teaching the basic fundamentals of how to succeed in nursing school to the more advanced skills of how to take a nursing exam and succeed. No textbooks, no modules, and no excessive amounts of practice questions to do. Simple and to the point methods the student can start to use immediately. Increase student success and program outcomes with Counter Balance Techniques! Information on the products offered is listed below:

Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPoint Series is an educational tool to strengthen a nursing student's academic and testing capabilities. The PowerPoint Series takes the student through the basic skills of how to get the most out of their study time to enhancing the student's ability to select the correct answers on a nursing test. Each power point presents a new topic, building on knowledge from the preceding power point. It is recommended the PowerPoint Series be viewed in numerical order for optimal understanding of the content.

Newly Accepted or Beginning Nursing Students-The Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPoint Series can be studied in advance of nursing school or upon entering nursing school. The techniques presented are designed to help the nursing student achieve success and teaches the student how to avoid pitfalls, which can lead to failure in the first year of nursing school. Start your students ahead of the game and not behind!

Students with Academic Difficulties-The Counter Balance PowerPoint Series can help those students struggling to maintain a passing grade by learning academic and testing skills to improve their performance, confidence, and success in nursing school.

Counter Balance Techniques' primary objective is to help nursing students be successful in their program

Topics Covered In Each Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPoint Series 

PowerPoint One-A Firm Foundation     
  • Get the Most out of Your Brain
  • The Best Learning Methods
  • Learning Styles-What's Yours?
  • Enhanced Lecture Note Taking
  • Study Methods to Help Knowledge Retention
  • 27 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Two-Relax & Learn
  • Controlled Breathing
  • Imagery
  • Negative Thinking
  • Exercise
  • Desensitization Methods
  • Misconceptions About Tests & Answers
  • 17 Minutes Long
 PowerPoint Three-Basic Needs
  • Assessment
  • Nursing Test Question Formats
  • Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
  • ABC formatting
  • Nursing Process
  • Maslow's 1st Level Priorities
  • Practice Questions Maslow's 1st Level
  • 32 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Four-Safety & Security
  • Maslow Level 2 Priorities
  • Maslow Levels 3, 4, & 5
  • Psychological Needs
  • More About Pain
  • Example Questions Maslow 3-5 Level
  • Practice Questions Maslow Level 2
  • 32 Minutes Long
 PowerPoint 5-ABCs
  • ABC Formatting
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  • Interventions for ABC’s
  • Practice ABC Questions
  • 18 Minutes Long
 PowerPoint Six-Assessmnet
  • Nursing Process Format
  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Assessment Methods
  • Practice Assessment Questions
  • 20 Minutes Long
   PowerPoint Seven-Implementations
  • Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Practice Assessment Questions
  • Practice Implementation Questions
  • 33 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Eight-Stem Indicators (part 1)
  • Main Focus of Stem
  • Adding To or Taking Away
  • Medical History and Environment
  • Doctor’s and HCP's Orders
  • Practice Questions Medical History
  • Practice Questions Environment
  • Practice Questions Doctor's & HCP's Orders
  • 38 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Nine-Stem Indicators (part 2)
  • Priority Words
  • Descriptive Words
  • Practice Questions Priority Words
  • Practice Questions Descriptive Words
  • 64 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Ten-The Answers (part 1)
  • May be Patient Centered
  • May Contain Absolutes
  • May Contain Incorrect Frequencies
  • Practice Questions Patient Centered
  • Practice Questions Absolutes
  • Practice Questions Incorrect Frequencies
  • 21 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Eleven-The Answers (part 2)     
  • May be Partially Correct
  • May be 3-1 or 2-2 Format
  • May have Clues to the Correct Answer
  • Practice Questions Partially Correct
  • Practice Questions 3-1 or 2-2 Format
  • Practice Questions Clues
  • 35 Minutes Long
PowerPoint Twelve-Select All That Apply   
  • Potential SATA Questions
  • The Stem Is the Key
  • Analyze True or False
  • Number of Answer Choices
  • Frequencies & Absolutes
  • Practice SATA Questions
  • 22 Minutes Long
 The Counter Balance PowerPoint Series is:     
  • Narrated by a nurse educator
  • Presented in fun interactive slides
  • Sure to appeal to any learning style

Counter Balance Techniques' Video Conferences

Counter Balance Techniques offers the unique experience of a video conference with a nurse educator. In a relaxed group setting, the student will learn techniques to enhance their test taking skills. The video conference gives concise to-the-point information to benefit the student when taking a nursing test. The Counter Balance Techniques' Video Conferencing topics are as follows:

Understanding the Stem of the Nursing Test Question

The Answer Options-Which One Should I Choose?

Little Known Clues Which Can Make a Big Difference

How to Get the Most of Lecture and Taking Notes

Preparation Skills to Help You Before the Nursing Test

The Counter Balance Techniques' Video Conference last approximately one hour and allows for a question and answer session over the content presented. The conference videos are presented at various times, dates, and pre-registration is needed.


A new way for students to take lecture notes

Concentrates note taking on the information which will be on nursing tests

Helps the student to know what is important to study

Streamlines study time by having the must know information at hand

Prevents unnecessary time spent going back through the textbook or lecture notes to study

Provided in various colors

For more information on Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPoint Series, Video Conferences, the Nursing Nutshell Note or general questions, please use the Contact Page or call us toll free at (833)-390-4610

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