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The PowerPoint Series-self paced 

"The power point series is great! I was able to watch & learn when I wanted to." V.R. 

Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPoint Series is an educational tool developed to strengthen your academic and testing capabilities while in nursing school. This is a fun and easy to use PowerPoint series developed by a master's prepared nurse educator who understands the rigorous educational and testing demands required of nursing students. The PowerPoint series takes you through the basic skills of how to get the most out of your study time to understanding the focus of the test question, which is critical in choosing the correct answer. Don't rely on memorizing nursing school test banks, but instead learn the correct methods for succeeding in nursing school. Counter Balance Techniques' PowerPower Series are narrated by a nursing instructor and presented in colorful, interactive slides and are sure to appeal to any learning style! 

 "The power power point series has helped me tremdously!" K.P.

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What the PowerPoint Series

Offers You...

A step by step understanding of the test question and how to master it

Need to know techniques to help you in choosing the correct answers

Better comprehension of the 'Select All That Apply' question

Practice questions with rationales to reinforce new testing skills

Stress reduction techniques for optimal test performance

Presented in fun and easy interactive PowerPoints

It is recommended the series be viewed in numerical order for optimal understanding of the content

An Easy to Use
  PowerPoint Series
which takes you through the basics of effective study methods to the  more advanced skills of test taking  

Price: Each PPT is $6.95 to $16.95  or purchase all 12 PPT's at $78.95-A SAVINGS OVER 50%

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Basic Physiological Needs

A sample clip of Counter Balance Techniques' 3rd PowerPoint in a series

Testing formats used by test developers are introduced in the 3rd power point: the Nursing Process, the ABC's, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The power point features Maslow's first level priorities and how the 1st level priorities affect nursing test questions. How to analyze the test question and other words which mean to 'assess' are featured. This power point begins the steps in understanding how to get the right answer on nursing tests. The complete version of Power Point Three is 32 minutes long.

Your success in nursing school is our goal!